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The idea of the Mediter-Retina Club has arisen from the observation that three Continents look out

onto the Mediterranean Sea, each with its own specific history, training background and philosophy.

Hence the idea of a “direct” discussion among these different people (who from one standpoint are

distant from each other but who, at the same time, are extraordinarily close), in the perspective of

a positive globalisation aimed at enhancing “differences” so as to enrich the philosophy,

strategies the possible ways to reach the goals of high quality, in full respect of history,

tradition and resources, but with an eye to the future. The word “My w..eye” derives precisely from

this sharing made of so many facets, where the international standard can become enriched with

individual details from which each country can work out the best possible way for it to move in the

direction of excellence (My w…eye) in compliance with its laws and resources.

(C. Forlini)


"Too many meetings, too little fun in places out of season, with hundreds of participants who are

always too tired at the end of the day to meet each other..."

The thousands of years of exchange of our cultures in the Mediterranean region make us feel like

friends as soon as we get together. The idea is of a Mediter-Retina Club for special friends with

the same special interest in developing ideas and strategies “our way”



Due to the increasing number of retina specialists, retinal meetings are getting bigger and bigger. 

Whereas the majority of these big meetings are very important and useful, small meetings have

their own special attractions too. The Mediter Retina Club meetings are especially meant to be

small gatherings; never more than 100 participants in any meeting. This is to maintain a club

atmosphere and the friendly spirit.  In Mediter Retina Club small meetings, there is no compromise

on the scientific content. On the contrary, it is often observed that the small number of excellent

participants and experts encourages informal discussions, which are usually of very practical

significance, often not less useful than formal presentations. If not already so, anyone who

participates in these meetings will become a friend of everybody else, by the end of the meeting.

(Khaled El-Rakhawy)